Sunday, November 29, 2009

Warning about false title claims

Several Australian magicians, in order to boost their image, are in the habit of exaggerating their claims of competition wins made at Australian Magic Conventions.

Please note: The following titles do not exist:
  • 'Australian Magician of The Year'
  • 'Australian Stage Magician of The Year'
  • 'Australian Close Up Magician of the Year'
  • 'Australian Comedy Magician of the Year'

The 'Champion Magician of Australia' competition was only held three times
  • 1976 - Peter Rodda
  • 1980 - Loris Purcell
  • 1984 - Not Awarded

Please feel free to search through this blog to see all winners, or go HERE for a more comprehensive list of all national and international prizes won by Australian magicians.