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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Warning about false title claims

Several Australian magicians, in order to boost their image, are in the habit of exaggerating their claims of competition wins made at Australian Magic Conventions.

Please note: The following titles do not exist:
  • 'Australian Magician of The Year'
  • 'Australian Stage Magician of The Year'
  • 'Australian Close Up Magician of the Year'
  • 'Australian Comedy Magician of the Year'

The 'Champion Magician of Australia' competition was only held three times
  • 1976 - Peter Rodda
  • 1980 - Loris Purcell
  • 1984 - Not Awarded

Please feel free to search through this blog to see all winners, or go HERE for a more comprehensive list of all national and international prizes won by Australian magicians.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

29th Australian Magicians Convention - June 11-14, 2004

Tim Ellis organised this Melbourne convention. 'The World's Longest Magic Show' was staged in April at Luna Park to help promote the convention. Kerri-Anne Kennerley's TV show did a live cross to the convention. A memorable highlight was the 'Al Cappuccino Speakeasy' that opened the convention with gangster games, Felicity Rogers' tango, Al's classy act and free drinks!

VENUE: The Centre, Ivanhoe

REGISTRATION COST: $250 (included Saturday & Sunday night dinners with drinks and an opening night cocktail party) $220 Spouse, $190 Under 18.


GUESTS: Henry Evans (Argentina), Aldo Colombini (Italy/USA), Norbert Ferre (France), Lee Eun-Gyeol (Korea), Pablo Kusnetzoff (Argentina)

DEALERS: Taylors Magic, Magiclassifieds, Phil Cass, Hey Presto, Henry Evans (Argentina), Tammii Twister’s, Wayne Rogers, Dave Lord Magic Works, Aldo Colombini (USA), Abracadabra, Fayne, Orsino Images, Oz Illusions, The Magic Store

Best Trick
– Simon Coronel
Best Line – Nick Nickolas
Most Entertaining Performer – Nick Nickolas
Most Inspiring Performer – Pablo Kusnetzoff
Moment of the Convention – Nick Nickolas
Best Stage Act – Sue-Anne Webster
Most Original Concept – Peter Cook
Best Close Up Act - Nick Nickolas

LECTURERS: Henry Evans, Aldo Colombini, Norbert Ferre, Lee Eun-Gyeol, Ellis & Webster, Adrian Kebbe




Friday June 11
3.00pm - Dove Masterclass with Lee Eun-Gyeol (Extra Cost)
4.00pm - Registration Desk open
6.00pm - Al Cappuccino's Speakeasy (Opening Night Party with open bar)
7.30pm - Close Up Magic Mystery Tour: Lawrence Leung, Nelson, Lee Eun-Gyeol, Henry Evans
9.30pm - Ellis in Wonderland Lecture: Tim Ellis & Sue-Anne Webster

Saturday June 12
9.00am - Registration Desk & Dealers Den open
10.00am - Henry Evans Lecture
12.00pm - Lunch Break: Dealers Den and Magic Box open
12.45pm - Teen Welcome Session: Simon Coronel
1.30pm - All Aussie Stage Show: Andrew Gill (MC) Sue-Anne Webster as 'Jeannie', Anthony DeMasi, Cath Jamison, Sean Taylor, Nick Nickolas, Phil Cass.
3.00pm - Coffee Break: Dealers & Magic Box Open
3.30pm - Workshops: Patti Stiles, Henry Evans, Sean Taylor, Chuck Fayne
4.30pm - Workshops (rotate)
5.30pm - Dinner and a movie (with drinks!) Steve Walker hosts the 'Dogies'
8.00pm - World Champions Stage Show: Ellis & Webster (MC), Pablo Kusnetzoff, Lee Eun-Gyeol, Earl Shatford, Harry Houdidn't, Aldo Colombini, Norbert Ferre
9.30pm - Coffee Break
10.00pm - Norbert Ferre Lecture

Sunday June 12
9.00am - Dealers Den opens
10.00am - Workshops (rotate)
11.00am - Workshops (rotate)
12.00pm - Lunch break: Dealers Den and Magic Box open
12.45pm - Meet the man behind Harry Houdidn't
1.30pm - All Aussie Close Up Show: Mark Mayer, Nick Nickolas, Geoff Conrau, Jonathon Rubel, Dean Atkinson, Kamal Bushan, Simon Coronel, Peter Cook, Sue-Anne Webster, Phil Bevan, Tammii Twister and Star
3.00pm - Coffee Break: Dealers Den and Magic Box open
3.30pm - Aldo Colombini Lecture
5.30pm - Dealers Den Final Session
6.30pm - Banquet - Dinner (and drinks!) and a show
12.30am - Warren Jackman's late night comedy magic

Monday June 14
9.30am - Magic Marketplace
10.30am - Lee Eun-Gyeol Lecture
12.30pm - Lunch Break: Magic Box opens
1.30pm - Kids Entertainer Seminar
3.30pm - Break for voting
4.00pm - Panel Session with the stars & Awards Presentation
6.30pm - After party at The Rue Bar

28th Australian Magic Convention - June 7-11, 2002

Kent Blackmore again headed the Sydney team.

VENUE: Riverside Theatres, Parramatta



GUESTS: Lennart Green, Magic Christian, Moi-Yo Miller, David Malek


Walk on Walk off – Neville Finney. 2nd Joel Howlett, 3rd Greg Britt (NZ)
Close Up – James Galea. 2nd Trevor Duffy (South Africa), 3rd Matt Hollywood
Stage – Demis Christo & KT. 2nd Thor Blomfield, 3rd Jack Mazloumian
Under 16 Stage – Joel Howlett. 2nd Natasha Babich (NZ), 3rd Karl Daniel (NZ)
Under 16 Close Up – Joel Howlett. 2nd Holly Ford (NZ), 3rd Jarred Fell (NZ)

LECTURERS: Lennart Green, Magic Christian, Andrew Wimhurst

CLOSE UP SHOW: Magic Christian, Lennart Green, David Malek, Barry Govan, Tim Ellis, Andrew Wimhurst

Convention report in The Australian Society of Magicians newsletter 'Magic Makers'


Friday June 7

2.00-5.00pm - Registration Desk open
5.00-7.30pm - Dealers open
8.00pm - Show: Phil Cass and Friends
11.30pm - Dealers open

Saturday June 8
8.00am - Registration Desk open
9.00am - International Close Up Show
11.00am - Coffee Break
11.30am - Lectures: Lennart Green & David Malek
1.00pm - Lunch Break
1.00-3.00pm - Dealers open
2.00pm - Walk On Walk Off Competition
3.00pm - Coffee Break
3.30-6.00pm - Close Up Competition
5.30-7.30pm - Dealers open
8.00pm - Show: Magic at the Riverside
11.30pm - Dealers open, Andrew Wimhurst late night lecture

Sunday June 9
9.00am - Stage Competition Part 1
11.00am - Coffee Break
11.30am - Lectures: Lennart Green & David Malek
1.00pm - Lunch Break
1.00-2.00pm - Dealers Open
2.00pm - I Remember Dante
3.00pm - Coffee Break
3.00-5.00pm - Dealers Open
3.30pm - Stage Competition Part 2
5.00pm - Pre-Banquet Break
5.30pm - Pre-Banquet Drinks
6.00pm - Banquet and Awards Presentations
8.30pm - Show: Stars of Magic
11.30pm - Dealers open & Magic Christian lecture of Hofszinser

Monday June 10
9.00am - Magic Marketplace
9.00-11.00am - Dealers open
11.00am - Coffee Break
11.30am - Lecture: Magic Christian
1.00pm - Lunch Break
1.00-2.00pm - Dealers open, final session
2.00pm - An Audience with the Stars
3.00pm - Coffee Break
3.30pm - Closing Show
4.45pm - Thanks and farewell

27th Australian Magic Convention - June 9-12 2000

Paul Bowen headed the Melbourne convention committee.

VENUE: World Congress Centre, Melbourne



GUESTS: Rene Levand (Argentina), Tina Lenert (USA). Michael Finney was scheduled but failed to show.


Under 18 Stage – Chris Hackney-Smith. 2nd Brad Quay, 3rd Paul Cosentino
Under 18 Close Up – Brad Quay. 2nd Timothy Fensham, 3rd Daniel Kinsey
Non Pro Stage – Paul Cosentino. 2nd Dennis Kristo, 3rd Ian Harvey
Parlour Magic – James Sleight. 2nd David Kendal, 3rd Peter Cook
Phil Cross Children’s Magic – JamesSleight. Alan Sloggett, 3rd Paul Bowen
Strolling Magic – James Sleight. 2nd Ricki Brand, 3rd Matt Hollywood
Close Up Restaurant – Ricki Brand. 2nd James Sleight, 3rd Brad Manuel
Close Up Cards – Nigel Anderson. 2nd Ben Kierce, 3rd Ricki Brand
Lifetime Achievement Awards – Ross Skiffington, Graham Etherington

LECTURERS: Rene Levand, Phil Cass, Raymond Crowe, Chuck Fayne

STAGE SHOW: Don Crawford (MC), Tina Lenert, Rene Levand, Ross Skiffington

26th Australian Magic Convention - June 5-8, 1998

Kent Blackmore headed the organising team for Sydney.

VENUE: Riverside Theatres, Parramatta

REGISTRATION COST: $130 (Banquet $50 extra)


GUESTS: Doc Eason (USA), Gene Anderson (USA). Nick Lewin was scheduled but didn't show.


Under 18 Stage
– 1st - William Olds, 2nd - Paul Cosentino, 3rd - Paul Bates
Stage – 1st - Sam Putnam, 2nd - Sue-Anne Webster, 3rd - Matthew Servelli
Professional Stage – 1st - Cath Jamison
Close Up – 1st - Matthew Thomas, 2nd - Nigel Anderson, 3rd - Mark Lindenmayer
Walk on Walk off -

LECTURERS: Doc Eason, Gene Anderson, Chuck Fayne

STAGE SHOW: Steve Walker (MC), Taylor & Pearson, Sean Taylor, Tim Ellis & Sue-Anne Webster, Gene Anderson, The Mon-Tanners, Timothy Hyde & The Amazing Lynda, Sean Kramer, Raymond Crowe, Taylor & Pearson


Friday June 5
2.00-5.00pm - Registration opens
5.00-7.15pm - Dealers open
8.00pm - Opening Show

Saturday June 6
8.30-9.30pm - Dealers open
9.30am - Adults & Under 18 Stage Competition
11.30am - Coffee Break
12.00pm - Professional Stage Competition
1.30pm - Lunch Break
2.30pm - Lecture by Doc Eason
3.30pm - Dealers Show
4.00pm - Coffee Break
4.30pm - Mini Lectures: Sean Taylor, Richard Paddon, Clifford Warne
5.30-7.30pm - Dealers open
6.00pm - Dinner Break
6.00pm - Workshops: Jerome Kirwan (Clowns), Andrew Wimhurst (Cards
8.00pm - Public Show
11.00-12.00am - Dealers open
12.00 midnight - Tim Ellis at Prospero's (Extra Charge)

Sunday June 7
8.30-9.30am - Dealers open
9.30am - Lecture by Doc Eason
10.30am - Coffee Break
11.00am - Close Up Competition
1.30pm - Lunch break
1.00-2.30pm - Dealers open
2.30pm - International Close Up Show
4.30pm - Coffee Break
4.30-6.00pm- Dealers open
7.30pm - Pre Banquet
8.00pm - Banquet and Cabaret Show
12.00am - Chuck Fayne at Prospero's (Extra Charge)

Monday June 8
9.00-11.00am - Auction
9.30-11.00am - Dealers open
9.30-11.00am - Walk On Walk Off Competition
11.00am - Lecture by Gene Anderson
12.15pm - Lecture by Chuck Fayne
1.00-2.30pm - Lunch break
2.00pm - Repeat lecture by Chuck Fayne
3.15pm - Guest Discussion
4.00pm - Final Show and Closing

25th Australian Magic Convention - June 7-10, 1996

Billed as a 'Celebration of Imagination', Tim Ellis headed the convention committee for Melbourne. NHK TV filmed the convention as part of a television magic special for Japan called 'Magical Mystery Tour Downunder'. Wizard's Inn, Tokyo, also gave an award to the 'Best Act of the Convention' which included a free trip to Japan. This was also the first convention in the world to feature 'MagicSports'.

VENUE: World Congress Centre, Melbourne

REGISTRATION COST: $150 maximum - $70 minimum


GUESTS: Tom Ogden, Tommy Wonder, Bob Sheets, Ali Bongo

DEALERS: Chatterbox Puppets, Abracadabra Promotions, Wizard’s Inn (Japan), Adrian Kebbe, Blueprint Magic, Magic Moments, Bernards, Nigel Kennedy (NZ), Tom Sharp, Sonny Hew (Malaysia), Gary Sparks (USA), Classic Magic, El Gregoes (NZ), Abracadabra Toys

Under 18 – Gidon Silveron
Favourite Trick – Evelyn Strugnell
Non-Pro Stage – Beverley Unitt
Ken Littlewood Stage ($1000 prize money) – Taylor & Pearson
Kids Entertainer – Alan Sloggett
Strolling Magic – Phil Bevan
Close Up – Andrew Wimhurst
Weirdo Comedy Trophy – Phil Cass
Lifetime Achievement Award – Gerald Taylor
Best Act of the Convention (Free trip to Japan) - Raymond Crowe

LECTURERS: Tom Ogden, Tommy Wonder, Ali Bongo, Bob Sheets, Gary Norsigian, Phil Cass

INTERESTING STATISTICS: A break down of the first 400 registrants showed where they all came from:

191 - Victoria
65 - News South Wales
38 - South Australia
33 - Queensland
17 - Western Australia
8 - Australian Capital Territory
6 - Tasmania
1 - Northern Territory

23 - New Zealand
5 - Japan
6 - USA
3 - Singapore
2 - Malaysia
1 - United Kingdom
1 - The Netherlands

Of the first 400 registrants:
286 - Full price magicians
86 - Accompanying persons
28 - Under 18

Breakdown by sex:
307 - Male
91 - Female
2 - ???



Friday June 7
12.00-4.00pm - Optional Yarra Cruise (Extra Cost
4.00pm - Registration Desk opens
5.00pm - Dealers Den opens
5.30pm - Earlybird Bonus Event - 60 minutes with Bob Sheets
6.30pm - Cocktail Party (free drinks!)
8.00pm - Opening Night Show
9.30pm - Break
10.00pm - Lecture by Tom Ogden
12.00am - Gary Norsigian in the Lobby, Magic Quiz in the Bar

Saturday June 8
8.30am - Dealers Den opens
9.00am - Registration Desk opens
9.30am - Auction
11.00am - Coffee Break & Strolling Magic Competition
11.00am - Silent Auction
11.30am - Under 18 Stage Magic Competition
12.15pm - Lunch Break & Dealers Den open
12.30pm - Phil Cass Lecture (Extra Cost)
1.45pm - Favourite Trick Competition
2.45pm - Break
3.00pm - Lecture by Tommy Wonder
4.30pm - Coffee Break & Strolling Magic Competition
5.00pm - Non-Pro Stage Magic Competition
6.00pm - Dinner Break & Dealers Den open
8.00pm - Ken Littlewood Stage Competition
10.00pm - Break & Dealers Den open
10.30pm - MagicSports
12.00am - Gary Norsigian in the Lobby & Magic Quiz in the Bar

Sunday June 9
8.30am - Dealers Den open
9.30am - Masterclasses: Gerald Taylor, Phil Cross, & Christof!!
11.00am - Coffee Break & Strolling Magic Competition
11.30am - International Close Up Show
1.00pm - Lunch Break & Dealers Den open
1.15pm - Gary Norsigian Lecture (Extra Cost)
2.30pm - Kids Entertainers Competition
2.30pm - Intensive Sessions: Bob Sheets, Barry Govan, Kent Blackmore
4.00pm - Coffee Break & Strolling Magic Competition
4.00pm - Dealers open, final session
4.30pm - Close Up Competition
6.30pm - Break
7.30pm - Banquet, Show and Awards Presentation

Monday June 10
9.30am - Lecture by Ali Bongo
11.00am - Break
11.30am - Talk Soup: Panel Session
12.30pm - Lunch Break
2.00pm - Closing Show: Circus of Magic
4.00pm - Break
4.30pm - The Magic of Clowning Session
5.30pm - Close
7.30pm - Tramcar Restaurant Dinner (Extra Cost)