Wednesday, May 2, 2007

28th Australian Magic Convention - June 7-11, 2002

Kent Blackmore again headed the Sydney team.

VENUE: Riverside Theatres, Parramatta



GUESTS: Lennart Green, Magic Christian, Moi-Yo Miller, David Malek


Walk on Walk off – Neville Finney. 2nd Joel Howlett, 3rd Greg Britt (NZ)
Close Up – James Galea. 2nd Trevor Duffy (South Africa), 3rd Matt Hollywood
Stage – Demis Christo & KT. 2nd Thor Blomfield, 3rd Jack Mazloumian
Under 16 Stage – Joel Howlett. 2nd Natasha Babich (NZ), 3rd Karl Daniel (NZ)
Under 16 Close Up – Joel Howlett. 2nd Holly Ford (NZ), 3rd Jarred Fell (NZ)

LECTURERS: Lennart Green, Magic Christian, Andrew Wimhurst

CLOSE UP SHOW: Magic Christian, Lennart Green, David Malek, Barry Govan, Tim Ellis, Andrew Wimhurst

Convention report in The Australian Society of Magicians newsletter 'Magic Makers'


Friday June 7

2.00-5.00pm - Registration Desk open
5.00-7.30pm - Dealers open
8.00pm - Show: Phil Cass and Friends
11.30pm - Dealers open

Saturday June 8
8.00am - Registration Desk open
9.00am - International Close Up Show
11.00am - Coffee Break
11.30am - Lectures: Lennart Green & David Malek
1.00pm - Lunch Break
1.00-3.00pm - Dealers open
2.00pm - Walk On Walk Off Competition
3.00pm - Coffee Break
3.30-6.00pm - Close Up Competition
5.30-7.30pm - Dealers open
8.00pm - Show: Magic at the Riverside
11.30pm - Dealers open, Andrew Wimhurst late night lecture

Sunday June 9
9.00am - Stage Competition Part 1
11.00am - Coffee Break
11.30am - Lectures: Lennart Green & David Malek
1.00pm - Lunch Break
1.00-2.00pm - Dealers Open
2.00pm - I Remember Dante
3.00pm - Coffee Break
3.00-5.00pm - Dealers Open
3.30pm - Stage Competition Part 2
5.00pm - Pre-Banquet Break
5.30pm - Pre-Banquet Drinks
6.00pm - Banquet and Awards Presentations
8.30pm - Show: Stars of Magic
11.30pm - Dealers open & Magic Christian lecture of Hofszinser

Monday June 10
9.00am - Magic Marketplace
9.00-11.00am - Dealers open
11.00am - Coffee Break
11.30am - Lecture: Magic Christian
1.00pm - Lunch Break
1.00-2.00pm - Dealers open, final session
2.00pm - An Audience with the Stars
3.00pm - Coffee Break
3.30pm - Closing Show
4.45pm - Thanks and farewell

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