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24th Australian Magic Convention - June 10-13, 1994

Allan Sullivan again headed the Sydney convention committee and organised a live television cross to 'Hey Hey It's Saturday' with Trevor Marmalade interviewing magicians in the dealer room. The whole convention was filmed by Japan's 'Elite Magicians Club' who awarded a trip to Japan to the winner of the Stage Magic Competition.

VENUE: The Boulevarde Hotel, Kings Cross



GUESTS: Daryl, Chuck Fayne, Mike Close, Rovi

DEALERS: Blueprint Magic, Bernards, El Gregoes (NZ), Wayne Rogers (NZ), Daryl USA (Sophie Ashton-Evans), Harry Irwin, Alfred Hayes, Aladdin’s, Dave Lord Magic Works, Ron Holmes, Jim Gunn, Tah Ban Chee (Singapore), Graham Kite, Classic Magic

Stage – Rudy & Tia. 2nd Magic2, 3rd Ian Harmon (NZ)
Close Up – Sophie Ashton-Evans (USA). 2nd Alan Watson (NZ), 3rd (tie) Richard Paddon and Tom Berger
Favourite Trick – Graham Grant. 2nd Paul Koh, 3rd (tie) El Gregoe (NZ) and Evelyn & Val
Special Prize – Rena MacLeod (NZ)
Outstanding Service to Magic – Bill Helyer

LECTURERS: Daryl, Chuck Fayne, Mike Close, Phil Cass

CLOSE UP SHOW: Daryl, Keiko Kobagashi, Alan Carmichael, Tim Ellis, Chuck Fayne, Yashiro Yamagita, Mike Close, Rovi

STAGE SHOW: Steve Walker (MC), Glenn Barker & Company, Timothy Hyde & Lynda Holmes, Chuck Fayne, Tim Ellis, Brendan Montana, Raymond Crowe, Rena Macleod, Phil Cass

TOP TEN QUOTES OF THE CONVENTION: (By Bryan Wood from Australian Magic Monthly July 1994)
10 - "I only memorise the names if there are fewer than 108 acts on the bill." Chuck Fayne compering the opening night show.
9 - "Wait, you're way ahead of me." Chuck Fayne on the Friday night show with the little boy.
8 - "Nigel did my act." Mike Close on the Friday night show.
7 - "I'll have two beers thanks." The first 108 people to approach the Bernard's dealers stand, which was set up on a disused bar.
6 - "I'm from Brooklyn." Vic Quick during Chuck Fayne's lecture.
5 - "The muscle between his legs is so big." The Boss in an attempt to explain why Brendan walks the way he does.
4 - "Not only are you among the most courteous people in the world, you also have the biggest bladders on anyone on earth." Mike Close referring to the very long Friday night show.
3 - "That's the first time I've ever seen anyone close their act with a cheese grater." Chuck Fayne compering the Friday night show.
2 - "These are Eunuch cups." Steve Walker at the auction explaining why the cups had no balls.
1 - "They said it couldn't be done." Ronnel, on video Friday night.

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