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20th Australian Magic Convention - June 6-9 1986

Alfred Hayes headed up the team for this Sydney convention, sponsored by I.B.M. Ring Sydney 102. One highlight conventioneers will never forget was the late night impromptu performance of the 'self-lighting floating animated match' performed by John Kennedy. Another was the stunning 45 minute banquet performance presented by Ken Littlewood & Toshi. (That was the banquet where Phil Cass wore a leather suit coat that Steve Walker described as "The biggest wallet he's ever seen"... and where the organist, when the sponsor from the Commonwealth Bank was introduced, played 'Wild Colonial Boy'). And didn't Andini get married at this convention...?

Notable Events: Those Were The Days show, Rovi midnight teach-in.

Notes: Two full pages advertised the upcoming “Magic Hedonists” event with Adam Fleischer, Michael Ammar and Daryl Martinez. This event never took place.

VENUE: The Gazebo, Kings Cross



Ken Littlewood, Hank Moorehouse (USA), Pat Page (UK), Micky Hades (USA), Rovi (UK), Johnny Geddes (UK), Petrick & Mia (USA)

DEALERS: John Kennedy (USA),

Stage -
Favourite Trick - Tim Ellis
Close Up - Tim Ellis

PUBLIC SHOW: “Festival Of Magic”, South Sydney Juniors Leagues Club
Hank Moorehouse, Willie Kaye, Petrick & Mia, Hugh Nossiter, Patrick Page, Steve Walker, Johnny Geddes, Sam Angelico, Arthur Coghlan.

LECTURERS: European Magic International Style (Petrick and Mia)
The PageBoy Speaks (Patrick Page)
Secret Art of Designing & Building Magical Props (Micky Hades)
The Magic of Entertainment (Johnny Geddes)
Words From The Wizard (Hank Moorehouse)
Those Strange Bedfellows, Magic and Comedy (Clifford Warne)

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