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29th Australian Magicians Convention - June 11-14, 2004

Tim Ellis organised this Melbourne convention. 'The World's Longest Magic Show' was staged in April at Luna Park to help promote the convention. Kerri-Anne Kennerley's TV show did a live cross to the convention. A memorable highlight was the 'Al Cappuccino Speakeasy' that opened the convention with gangster games, Felicity Rogers' tango, Al's classy act and free drinks!

VENUE: The Centre, Ivanhoe

REGISTRATION COST: $250 (included Saturday & Sunday night dinners with drinks and an opening night cocktail party) $220 Spouse, $190 Under 18.


GUESTS: Henry Evans (Argentina), Aldo Colombini (Italy/USA), Norbert Ferre (France), Lee Eun-Gyeol (Korea), Pablo Kusnetzoff (Argentina)

DEALERS: Taylors Magic, Magiclassifieds, Phil Cass, Hey Presto, Henry Evans (Argentina), Tammii Twister’s, Wayne Rogers, Dave Lord Magic Works, Aldo Colombini (USA), Abracadabra, Fayne, Orsino Images, Oz Illusions, The Magic Store

Best Trick
– Simon Coronel
Best Line – Nick Nickolas
Most Entertaining Performer – Nick Nickolas
Most Inspiring Performer – Pablo Kusnetzoff
Moment of the Convention – Nick Nickolas
Best Stage Act – Sue-Anne Webster
Most Original Concept – Peter Cook
Best Close Up Act - Nick Nickolas

LECTURERS: Henry Evans, Aldo Colombini, Norbert Ferre, Lee Eun-Gyeol, Ellis & Webster, Adrian Kebbe




Friday June 11
3.00pm - Dove Masterclass with Lee Eun-Gyeol (Extra Cost)
4.00pm - Registration Desk open
6.00pm - Al Cappuccino's Speakeasy (Opening Night Party with open bar)
7.30pm - Close Up Magic Mystery Tour: Lawrence Leung, Nelson, Lee Eun-Gyeol, Henry Evans
9.30pm - Ellis in Wonderland Lecture: Tim Ellis & Sue-Anne Webster

Saturday June 12
9.00am - Registration Desk & Dealers Den open
10.00am - Henry Evans Lecture
12.00pm - Lunch Break: Dealers Den and Magic Box open
12.45pm - Teen Welcome Session: Simon Coronel
1.30pm - All Aussie Stage Show: Andrew Gill (MC) Sue-Anne Webster as 'Jeannie', Anthony DeMasi, Cath Jamison, Sean Taylor, Nick Nickolas, Phil Cass.
3.00pm - Coffee Break: Dealers & Magic Box Open
3.30pm - Workshops: Patti Stiles, Henry Evans, Sean Taylor, Chuck Fayne
4.30pm - Workshops (rotate)
5.30pm - Dinner and a movie (with drinks!) Steve Walker hosts the 'Dogies'
8.00pm - World Champions Stage Show: Ellis & Webster (MC), Pablo Kusnetzoff, Lee Eun-Gyeol, Earl Shatford, Harry Houdidn't, Aldo Colombini, Norbert Ferre
9.30pm - Coffee Break
10.00pm - Norbert Ferre Lecture

Sunday June 12
9.00am - Dealers Den opens
10.00am - Workshops (rotate)
11.00am - Workshops (rotate)
12.00pm - Lunch break: Dealers Den and Magic Box open
12.45pm - Meet the man behind Harry Houdidn't
1.30pm - All Aussie Close Up Show: Mark Mayer, Nick Nickolas, Geoff Conrau, Jonathon Rubel, Dean Atkinson, Kamal Bushan, Simon Coronel, Peter Cook, Sue-Anne Webster, Phil Bevan, Tammii Twister and Star
3.00pm - Coffee Break: Dealers Den and Magic Box open
3.30pm - Aldo Colombini Lecture
5.30pm - Dealers Den Final Session
6.30pm - Banquet - Dinner (and drinks!) and a show
12.30am - Warren Jackman's late night comedy magic

Monday June 14
9.30am - Magic Marketplace
10.30am - Lee Eun-Gyeol Lecture
12.30pm - Lunch Break: Magic Box opens
1.30pm - Kids Entertainer Seminar
3.30pm - Break for voting
4.00pm - Panel Session with the stars & Awards Presentation
6.30pm - After party at The Rue Bar

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