Wednesday, May 2, 2007

6th Australian Magic Convention - June 13-16, 1958

The pace of producing a convention every year was getting too much, so the regularity of the events was cut back to every second year. Len Mason, sponsored by I.B.M Sydney Ring 102, organised this event.

It was noted that, during the Saturday sessions, Fox Movietone News techicians and photographers would be in attendance. The events again consisted of shows and competitions with no lectures, and Saturday and Sunday only entailed the banquet and a party for visiting magicians followed by a Wizard’s Club gathering.

Notable Events: MagiGals show, dealers’ demonstration, Magic Quiz, banquet and show.

VENUE: Wentworth Hotel, Sydney. The Friday evening was held at 2KY Radio auditorium, George St Sydney.



Francis Haxton (England)


Quick Tricks -
Close Up Magic -

PUBLIC SHOW: “The Abracadabra Show” at the Sydney Conservatorium.
Julia (presenting Buzz Saw illusion), Miklos Balas, Madden’s Merry Midgets (puppets), The Hardgraves, Pauline, Dr. Jung Chiang, Weirdo, Bob Haynes, Col Bergerson (musical instruments), Len Mason.

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