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23rd Australian Magic Convention - June 5-8, 1992

Graham Etherington was the head of the Melbourne organising committee. Great coverage was organised with a live cross to the 'Today' show. The Itchy Feet Pep Band opened the convention in a spectacular way.

VENUE: World Congress Centre, Melbourne

REGISTRATION COST: $130 (Early rego $100) $110 U18 or Partner (Early rego $80)


GUESTS: Alan Shaxon (UK), Mac King (USA), Max Maven (USA)

DEALERS: Daryl USA (Sophie Ashton Evans), Dave Lord Magic Works, Abracadabra Toys, Anne’s Magic, Wayne Rogers (NZ), Classic Magic, Aladdin’s Magic, Magical Knights, Bernards
Carnival Products

Close Up
– Alan Carmichael. 2nd Bill Walsh, 3rd Alan Watson (NZ)
Favourite Trick – Wayne Rogers (NZ). 2nd John Taylor, 3rd Rebekkah
Stage Magic – Cath Jamison. 2nd Beverly Cook, 3rd Simon Bainbridge
Children’s Entertainer – Wayne Rogers (NZ). 2nd Alan Watson (NZ), 3rd Alan Sloggett
Under 18 – Adam Fraser. 2nd Felicity Rogers (NZ), 3rd Jason Davis
Ken Littlewood Stage ($1000) – Duck Cameron. 2nd ($100) Enzo Ficco
Weirdo Comedy Award – Lyndsay Rietschel

LECTURERS: Jon Zealando, Alan Shaxon, Mac King, Max Maven, Wayne Rogers

OPENING SHOW: Itchy Feet Pep Band, Ricki Ozimo, Murray Dugale (Christof!!), Tim Ellis, Martin Ralph, Terry McSweeney, Ross Prior, Larry Isaac, Sam Angelico.

CLOSE UP SHOW: Mac King, Phil Cass, John Barrand, Barry Govan, Sean Tretheway, Ray Crowe, Tim Ellis, David Jones, Alan Shaxon

STAGE SHOW: MC Andrew Gill, Gerald Taylor, Keith Ryall, Alan Shaxon, Timothy Hyde & Lynda Holmes, Max Maven, Magic2, Project Blue, Raymond Crowe, Jon Zealando, Duck Cameron, Mac King, Tim Ellis.

QUOTE OF THE CONVENTION: "I've got Daryl's balls in the dealers room!" Sophie Ashton-Evans.


Friday June 5
5.00pm - Dealers Open
6.00pm - Registrations Open
7.00pm - Foyer Entertainment
8.00pm - Official Opening
8.10pm - Opening Show - 'Melbourne 150'
10.00pm - Break
10.30pm - Jon Zealando Lecture
11.30pm - Dealers Den
12.00am - Party Time

Saturday June 6
9.00am - Registrations Open
9.00am - The Alan Shaxon Lecture
10.00am - The Ken Oliver Children's Entertainer Competition
11.00am - Dealers Show
12.00pm - Break for Lunch - Dealers Open
1.00pm - Stage Competition
3.00pm - Break - Screening of Phil Cass video - Dealers
3.30pm - Under 18 Stage Competition
4.30pm - Panel Discussion
5.30pm - My Favourite Trick Competition
6.30pm - Break for Dinner - Dealers Den - Playing Card & Escape Exhibit
8.00pm - The Ken Littlewood $1000 Trophy Show
10.00pm - Break
10.30pm - The Mac King Lecture
11.30pm - Dealers Den
12.00am - Party Time

Sunday June 7
9.00am - Final Dealers
9.30am - Close Up Competition
12.30pm - Break for Lunch
1.30pm - Buses leave for Public Show
2.30pm - It's Magic Show at MLC Theatre
4.30pm - Buses return to WCC
6.00pm - Light Dinner and Surprises
8.00pm - Masterclasses
9.30pm - Break
10.00pm - International Close Up Show
11.30pm - Party Time

Monday June 8
9.00am - Buese leave for Witches In Britches Theatre Restaurant
10.00am - Auction
1.00pm - Luncheon Banquet
2.00pm - Visitors Entertain Closing Show
3.30pm - Close of Convention
4.00pm - The Max Maven Lecture (Extra cost event $15)

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