Wednesday, May 2, 2007

19th Australian Magic Convention - June 8-11, 1984

Graham Etherington again headed the Melbourne committee and got great publicity with Mike Wilton escaping from a cage in the Yarra River.
Graham was honoured when presented with 'The Rooklyn Award for outstanding service to the art of magic'. (Maurice Rooklyn himself presented it (Mr Rooklyn had been awarded a 'Masters Fellowship' by The Academy of Magical Arts (USA) earlier in the year).

VENUE: Regent Hotel, Melbourne

REGISTRATION COST: $55 full. $50 Students or Spouses


Karrell Fox (USA), Rovi (UK), Jack Mayes (UK)


Junior -
Close Up -
Favourite Trick -
Richard Cutler.
Cabaret -
Champion Magician of Australia -
Not Awarded (Only three competitors and none up to standard)
Outstanding Service to the art of magic - Graham Etherington

LECTURERS: Rovi, Karrell Fox, Jack Mayes

PUBLIC SHOW: Rovi, Karrell Fox, Jack Mayes, Ross Skiffington

The protest singer "entertaining" at the Banquet Show.
The abundance of linking ring performances.

Friday June 8
6.00pm - Dealers Open
6.30pm - REgistrations Open
7.30pm - Dealers Close
8.00pm - Official Opening
8.15pm - Opening Show 'Melbourne Entertains'
9.15pm - Coffee Break
9.30pm - 'Melbourne Entertains' continues
10.00pm - Dealers Open
12.00am - Dealers Close

Saturday June 9
9.00am - Rovi Lecture
9.00am - Dealers Open
10.00am - Junior Competition
10.00am - Dealers Close
11.00am - Jack Mayes Lecture
12.00pm - Lunch Break
1.00pm - Close Up Competition
2.30pm - Coffee Break
3.00pm - My Favourite Trick Competition
4.00pm - Visitors Entertain
5.00pm - Dinner Break & Dealers Open
6.30pm - Dealers Close
7.00pm - Stage Magic Competition
9.00pm - Coffee Break
9.15pm - Cabaret Magic Competition
10.15pm - Short Break
10.30pm - Close Up Experts Entertain

Sunday June 10
9.00am - Dealers Open
10.00am - Dealers Close
10.00am - Karrell Fox Lecture
11.00am - Ask The Pros
12.00pm - Final Dealers Open
12.30pm - Lunch Break
2.00pm - Dealers Close
2.00pm - Champion Magician of Australia competition
3.30pm - Coffee Break
3.45pm - Champion Magician of Australia continues
5.00pm - Time to get ready
7.30pm - Banquet with presentation of prizes

Monday June 11
9.00am - Reception of Auction Goods
10.00am - Giant Auction
12.00pm - Lunch Break
2.00pm - Public Show at the Princess Theatre
4.30pm - Return the the Regent Hotel
5.00pm - The Last Show, starring KF & SW
6.00pm - Official Closing


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